In The End, The Warriors Had No One Left


Klay Thompson, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Written By Austin Hall (@ADWAustin)

It’s possible that if shooting guard Klay Thompson, who has a penchant for coming up big in Game 6’s, didn’t tear his ACL, the Golden State Warriors would have pushed the NBA Finals to a Game 7 and maybe win it all. Even hurt, he sunk two free throws, for what it’s worth.

Game 6 was very much like Game 5, featuring a muddled group of two teams (the Warriors and Toronto Raptors) playing volleyball on their last legs, sometimes literally. As with most big games, both came down to the wire, and with Game 6 especially, it was hard to believe that the Warriors were even in it after Thompson went down. Stephen Curry, their point guard, was clunky at times, but continued to show flashes of brilliance. His last second heave to win the final game of the season mysteriously clanged off the back of the rim, and by the time forward Draymond Green called timeout, it was more or less over.

If you’re reading this, it probably means you know about the controversy of Warriors’ forward Kevin Durant being injured in the game before, and how, with Thompson out, the team got even thinner as their superstars fell away. Injuries are part of sports. These things happen, and sometimes your luck just runs out, but it’s pretty remarkable that Curry, Green, and a bunch of players the average fan had never heard of played in crunch time throughout the game. This is a testament to how great their dynasty truly was. Sure, they had stars, but they showed an artful beauty that was hard to deny when healthy. Maybe we shouldn’t have dogged Durant so much for jumping to the easiest road to a ring possible, because they certainly could’ve used him. Well, maybe.

Either way, the only Canadian team in a very American league are Champions of the Basketball World. Now, we get the privilege of wondering if President Donald Trump is even aware that there even is an NBA team outside of the U.S., and if that will deter him from inviting the team to eat Dominos pizza, Big Macs and Whoppers. Either way, a good team became just good enough to slay a three-headed dragon whose two heads fell off in the middle of battle. Tdot has their championship, and the Drake curse is over. The rest of us go back to sleeping normal hours again. Until next year.

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