NerdCraft Nation Issue #19: WandaVision (Featuring Siva Nagarajan & Sabrina Clarke)


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After the loss of her parents, her brother Pietro, and her lover Vision, Wanda Maximoff reached her breaking point. Retreating to the town of Westview, New Jersey, the grief-stricken Avenger constructs a false sitcom-inspired reality, with the town’s citizens as its supporting cast. Today, we dive into Marvel’s WandaVision.

NerdCraft Nation is a partner of PubSquare Media, and is hosted by Austin Hall (@ADWAustin), Jose Lopez (@Sh1tJayLowSays), Brandon Kesselly (@bckesso), and Chris Walker (@cwlkr20). Our theme music was composed by Daniel Faris (@RadiantXellos on SoundCloud). If you would like to keep up with the show, please follow us on Twitter and Instagram @nerdcraftnation.

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