By Chris Walker (@cwlkr20) — October 4, 2016

Name: Michael Richard Pence

Date of Birth: June 7th, 1959 (57 y/o)

Alma Mater: Hanover College–B.A., History, Class of 1981; Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law–J.D., Class of 1986

Party: Republican

Positions Held:

  • Governor of Indiana (2013-present)
  • Former, House of Representatives member for Indiana (2001–2013)

Policy Positions:

  • Abortion–The standing governor of Indiana is very anti-abortion, as signified by his signing into law a bill earlier this year that added further restrictions on abortions, to Indiana’s already strict guidelines. Pence considers himself a “strong supporter of the rights of the unborn” and will always try to protect their ability to live.
  • Education–The Hanover College graduate agrees with Trump’s view that the common core is a sub par education standard. Pence repealed it in 2014, in order for the state to “take control of what the students are taught.” As well, he voted ‘no’ on No Child Left Behind.
  • LGBT Rights–In 2006 Pence linked gay marriage with societal collapse. As well, he called the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, cause for the military being the “backdrop for social experimentation.” In spring of 2015, the Indiana Governor signed into law the Religious Freedom Act, which allowed Indiana’s businesses to cite religious freedom as a legal defense. The law caused an uproar with the LGBT community, who saw it as allowing discrimination towards them. Pence would later walk it back, passing a change to the law about a week after signing in the original.
  • Tax Reform–Pence is in favor of cutting taxes for business and the wealthy. He’s done so while in office as governor, as recently as 2014, when he cut the state’s corporate tax. In 2009, he considered the stimulus package Obama brought forth as making more debt, but would later request funds.

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