Name: Gary Earl Johnson

Date of Birth: January 1, 1953

Alma Mater: University of New Mexico — B.S., Political Science

Party: Republican (Pre-2011), Libertarian (Post-2011)

Total Delegates: 458/925 (1st ballot), 518/925 (2nd ballot)

Total Votes: 20,492

Policy Positions

  • Abortion — During the May 5, 2011 GOP debate, Johnson expressed that he supports a woman’s right to choose “up until viability of the fetus,” suggesting he is largely pro-choice. Notwithstanding, he also supports parental notification and counseling, and he opposes public funding for abortions.
  • Gun Control — Despite not being a gun owner himself, the former New Mexico governor is a supporter of the Second Amendment. More specifically, he supports concealed carry laws. “I’m one of those who believe the bumper sticker: If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns,” he told Playboy’s David Sheff in 2001. “The first people who are going to be in line to turn in their guns are law-abiding citizens. Criminals are going to be left with guns. I believe that concealed carry is a way of reducing gun violence.”
  • Drugs — Johnson feels the War on Drugs to be a “mind-boggling failure,” and that it has greatly contributed to American incarceration rates. He was named President and CEO of Cannabis Sativa, Inc. — a medical marijuana company — in 2014, making him pro-legalization. It should be noted that Johnson is the only major presidential nominee this season to have been publicly involved in selling any illegal substances whatsoever.
  • Health Care — Governor Johnson is against both the 2010 Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and former President George W. Bush’s Medicare Modernization Act from 2003, considering both laws to be “unconstitutional”.
  • Immigration — “A 10-foot wall just requires an 11-foot ladder.” The former governor in in favor of work visas for illegal immigrants after a two-year grace period. He believes that those immigrants who prove fiscally responsible should also be allowed to bring their families. In defiance of this,, he has previously supported a one-strike rule against immigrants who violate the terms of their work visas.
  • LGBT Rights — Johnson is against government involvement with all marriage, expressing that “the government ought to get out of the marriage business.” He has previously supported the reversal of Proposition 8 in California, and has stated he does not oppose gay marriage “as a matter of public policy”. He has also previously expressed support for civil unions.
  • Environment — Governor Johnson supports regulations for protecting the environment without giving advantages or disadvantages to businesses. His support of the National Governors Association “Issues/Positions” paper (01-NGA15) suggests he is particularly fond of state autonomy in handling local environmental issues. In addition, he supported the Western Governors’ Association resolution (01-WGA15) on abandoned mine cleanup, suggesting Johnson supports providing incentives for organizations to engage in more eco-friendly practices.
  • Social Security — The University of New Mexico alumnus wishes to reform Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He has previously supported raising the retirement age and means testing, as well as partial — or full — privatization of Social Security. He has been a proponent of personal accounts for Social Security, and in 2012 wanted to change the escalator from being based on wage growth to inflation instead.*


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